May 28, 2010

let's play!

what can you do with this snap?
i'm inviting you to click, copy and paste it and print it off....
then- create something with it!
dig out your decoupage'!
print it off on fabric!
a greeting card?
then, email me a picture of your creation
and i'll post it and share it with others!
now..... pour yourself a good, cool drink... give yourself
permission to just relax and create...leave the
world behind as your creative juices start flowing.
deadline for the snaps is sunday night 9pm...


C. Dianne Zweig said...


So glad you visited my blog. I have added you to my blog roll. Now i am going to do some reading on your blog...
kitsch n Stuff. said...

Michele, I love the picture, and your header!! I wish I had time to create this weekend. I'm working today. Sigh.

I loved your post about aprons too. I wear one every day and they are so handy. Also, the garden lamp is very COOL. I love it!!

Your friend,