April 07, 2010

last night, after a dinner of homemade cabbage soup and beer bread... i decided i'd try making fabric paper. i read about it here! i used decoupage and water. and, paper napkins, tissue paper and odd gift wrap! you have no idea how much fun this was! my fabric turned out quite stiff... but yet, flexible enough to bend and hand-stitch. i'm thinking i will simply fold it in half and stitch little eye glass purses, or little purses or check book covers or cover a journal. be sure to visit here! so you can get the full idea on how to do this. you will love it! very therapeutic! oh sure, the nation can talk about cutting back on nuclear power.. but i just want to decoupage'! you're welcome to click on the image and see it up close~ smile, wink, nod!


jamie said...

That is really pretty! I would love to see what you make with it. It reminds me of a quilt.

Anonymous said...

your colors are as good as your Moms, only different pallet.