March 14, 2010

a flea on sunday!

at 6:30 this morning, i was in this booth... setting up at a local flea market! nothing in my booth is organized. it's all hodge-podge with a purpose. i wanted
customers to feel like they were in a gigantic girly-girl closet!

the good news is, i'm going back next week, with a booth 3 times this size! note to self: pack snacks.

i stuck this shabby pink cowgirl up, way high in the air...
look close, you can see a little joker-man looking out of the top!

i really enjoyed talking to customers and making deals with them. the other vendors were unbelievable friendly and encouraging and supportive. i had vendors one every side and kitty corner... all made a point to come up and say a friendly hello!

i'd be happy to tell you where this flea market is located... for safety reasons, email me at by the way... click on any of the pictures... if you see something you'd like... i'd be happy to deal.

happy sunday and i'll see you tomorrow!


jamie said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you...I almost feel like I am there! :-) I especially love the pink cowboy boot with the little joker. How cute is that? Wishing you all the best and lots of sales. Have a blessed week!

Mitzi Curi said...

Michele, I hope you had a successful sale. Your booth looks fabulous, chock full of goodies! Good luck next time too.....