February 04, 2010

just jumping in here this morning to answer a few comments left in my previous post.....

sue: i have lots and lots of books stacked on my night table, in pile on the floor and in a big basket. errrrr, some are even under my bed. book-aholic, that's me. about the grapes of wrath book.. it is very interesting... but it's taking me forever to read it. how did you like the red tent?

lisa: i has been too long in between. you are welcome to stop over anytime-- maybe when the girls are at their keepers meeting? robyn p., stopped by out of the blue, yesterday.. we had a wonderful 1/2 hour of catch-up. she is doing very well!

jamie: i can't twist my clip-on light on the right angle either! how is the weather in kentucky?

you are more then welcome to copy and paste the picture above and use it for your own use.


Sue said...

The Red Tent was pretty good. I really liked how the author ended the story.
I am reading the Bible in 90 days right now and when I was reading The Red Tent, I was reading about Jacob and his family in the Bible. So that made The Red Tent even more enjoyable to read.
Not sure what to read next, but I know it won't be Grapes of Wrath. I still shudder at the thought :)

Lisa said...

I think their Keepers meetings are when Tommie has Scouts, but I think about you every time I take them there! We need to figure something out though.

jamie said...

Hi! So far the weather in Kentucky is a lot warmer than it was this past weekend. We had about 3-5 inches of snow. It made for a good few days of hibernating with a stack of library books :-)
I hope you have a nice weekend!