February 28, 2010

before i squiggle out of the warm blankets each morning and before my first sip of instant caffinated coffee reaches my lips and gives me a jolt, i start my day this way:

dear heavenly father,

-use my brain to think good thoughts
-use my eyes to see the good in people
-use my nose to smell the sweet things you created
-use my mouth to speak kindly and thoughtfully
-use my heart so that it's always in the right place
-use my belly to keep the laughter and giggles coming-
-use my arms so that they may extend out to someone in need
-let my hands to serve where they should
-use my feet to take me where You know i need to be

-in Jesus name Amen. and Amen.


Sue said...

Beautiful :)

Do you mind if I teach this to my kids?

MICHELE said...

Sue and others...
Please use it! And, tweek it where you see fit.


Jamie said...

I really like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this x