December 16, 2009

need a delish, fast (i'm talking easy-peasy) and very fun-to-make festive christmas cookie type candy? i did too! so, i made these: click here! i used hershey hugs instead of kisses and round pretzels. the hershey hugs melt quicker and look really cool... swirly like and much prettier, since they're on white! (i tried to get a snap... but the camera battery was dead.)

i found these junky retro plastic christmas flowers, while at an estate sale. i've had a ball this christmas... wrapping family gifts up and using these tacky things as bows! i'm thinking i may make ugly family corsages up with the remainder of them... for all the women in my family! they're all such good sports and will love being silly with me at our family party! smile, wink, nod!


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Those pretzels look like fun! I think I will make some to take do Don's aunts' house on Christmas Eve!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Thanks for the recipe. My son needs to make something for his coaches at Karate and I've been trying to figure out 'the perfect' thing...I think I've found it!

Your family sounds so fun! Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas season.

Teresa in Texas

jamie said...

The corsages sound like lots of fun...I think you should go for it! Thanks for the pretzel recipe. Mmm!