November 10, 2009

them bones!

what's this?

we've been soaking up the good weather here in michigan. a very late indian summer. on sunday, my boy and i went hiking along my in-laws railroad tracks... well, they're not actually "their" railroad tracks... but, you know what i mean. i expected to find nature things... so i packed a couple of plastic bags and my pink digital camera.

imagine my excitement, when i spotted these bones! the very top picture is a skull. obviously these are the jaws and teeth of probably a fawn... according my husband.

the bones were plentiful. and were so weathered, they were like petrified wood. i was ecstatic! and so very happy to take them back home and add to our nature collection. i'll display them in a large glass jar.

my babe was more more ecstatic with the brake pads and spikes and rusty old parts that were laying everywhere. and yes, we were very careful about oncoming trains like this one. we dashed into the bushes and brush until in smoked by. smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

I love railroad tracks. Did you put a quarter on the tracks before the train came by?

Anonymous said...

Love the train when I hear it go by. I know I am home AJ

Anonymous said...

I guess I finaly go how to send a message. Looked like fun, Usually I type a lot , and then can't get it to go through. Love you most AJ