November 08, 2009

have you started your christmas shopping yet? i've only picked up a few little items, so far.

friday, i had to make a quick trip into wally-world (wal-mart), and couldn't resist walking through the "made in china christmas aisle!" my big blue's spotted these cute little soaps... about the size of your hand. they were a dollar each. i purchased three. but there were plenty more designs for every personality.

doesn't the plastic packaging make them look cheap? i thought so, too. so, my plan is trash the plastic then wrap them in a pretty ivory netting and tie with a nice matching ribbon.

i know this will bring a smile to anyone on our list that we need a little gift for: librarian, my homeschool co-op assistants, a little hostess gift, or someone who totally is not expecting a "just-a-thought" gift this season!

a commercial gift with a homemade touch. smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

The "made in China Christmas aisle"! LOL Brought a smile to my face. The soaps are cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I thought they were magnets!! Super cute! -- Janet M

jamie said...

Oh, I love those! They will look so cute with the netting.