November 25, 2009

driving home recently, from an estate sale... i was smiling and had that giddy feeling running through my veins. i had... in my back seat... an old vintage clipboard and marcia brady type gift wrap, which i had purchased for .20 cents. the best part, i had a plan in mind. a mod podge project!

sorry for the blurry snap... my camera battery needs charged... but you can get the gist of it, right? i just smothered the board with mod podge and applied the paper. it is very sweet in real life... and you know how much i love quick, cheap, useful, fun projects.

i just finished listening to sarah ferguson's "my story" audio. i loved her rich vocabulary and her warm british accent, but "her" story was soooo depressing. on a more uplifting note, i picked up this little book at goodwill, "healing foods from the bible." it's a very quick read, yet has excellent references to foods used in the bible... which we use today. i plan to switch from whole wheat to barley flour. in case you wondered... smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

Methinks I need a jar of Mod-podge! I love that clipboard. I have a few around here that have been 'markered' on and that would be a darling update!

Michele, you enrich my life! Thank you for blogging!

Lynn said...

Michele, I love the treasure trove of ideas you've posted lately. Well, always, but lately I'm just turbo-INSPIRED when I visit. :) Love you, friend. Keep posting. I absolutely LOVE LOVE the storage unit from old record albums. I will defintely try that soon.


Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! LOVE the paper.