September 25, 2009

today i am 45.
things i've learned:
life is too short to waste time hate anyone.
life isn't fair, but it's still good.
get outside everyday... miracles are waiting to happen.
forgive everyone and everything.
look for the good in everyone.
make peace with your past, so you won't screw up the present.
life isn't always fair, but it is still good!


Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Michele!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Best Wishes to you on this special day and may this new year in your life be abundant with blessings!

Teresa in Texas

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michele!! Hope your day is blessed and filled with all the things that make you happy and smile!!!

Lisa in NW Arkansas

jamie said...

Such wisdom for only being 45! ;) May today be fillled with all your favorite things.

Lisa said...

I hope you enjoyed co-op on your special day! Did someone take your cleaning slot!?

MICHELE said...

thanks friends!
i appreciate your birthday wishes!


~Byn There said...

you don't seem a day over 29!