September 07, 2009

the simple woman's daybook for labor day:

outside my window: it's dark. i hear frogs and crickets chirping and more then likely... will be smelling our friendly skunk who just happens to spray every night while we're enjoying a good movie or relaxing!

i am thinking: how much i love my new bracelet and earrings (vintage) i bought at my neighbors yard sale. .25 cents each.

i am thankful for: all of the good crops coming into fruition. like the raspberries above. broccoli. tomatoes and lots of honey.

from the learning room: a choppy homeschool week. homeschool co-op. finishing up last week's lessons and looking forward to using karen andreola's "story starters," this week.

from the kitchen: bowls of fresh, garden vegetables waiting to be made into something.

i am wearing: grey sweat shorts, wet hair, brad's black flannel shirt.... just got out of the shower.

i am creating: little wool sewing projects: purses, cell phone holders and hopefully raspberry pie, tomorrow.

i am going: to the dermatologist tomorrow for my melanoma skin check.

i am reading: the book listed on my sidebar. and the read-aloud: the victory garden to tommie.

i am hearing: tommie whining to use this laptop to look up new websites his cousin told him about.

around the house: to the front of me: brad in the recliner chomping on ice, tommie really whining more now, dog on the floor and nothing more.

one of my favorite things: the relationship tommie has with all of his older cousins: calling them out of state, college cousins calling him, older 21 year old being a big brother to him and girl cousins giving him a hard time. i am grateful he has them. they've taught him so much that he couldn't of learned being homeschooled.

a few plans for the rest of the week: scout meeting, homeschool co-op, homeschooling A LOT. okay, i'd like to type more, but tommie needs the computer... NOW!


Lisa said...

Hope you're liking the book! Those raspberries look delectable - we had some yesterday over sour cream angel food cake - storebought. :-) See you Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes with you skin check. And I'm loving your blog as usual! Tommie's read-aloud sounds really interesting!

See ya Friday!

jamie said...

Oh, look at your raspberries...gorgeous! Praying for you that you passed the skin check with flying colors.