September 27, 2009


what is this? i don't exactly know. my boy and i, spent the saturday at a mid-michigan antique show! the day in itself, was a wonderful "homeschool" fieldtrip experience. we were both exposed to so many unique treasures from the past!

speaking of treasures from the past... i've recently reconnected with my cousin robin (not really my cousin, but we call each other that... long story!)... anyhow, she is sizzling... on fire with creativity... and invited me to flip a few of my shabby chic items in her cowgirl clozet booth! which she generously sold for me! how nice was that?

do you look for blessings in your day? sometimes i get so busy or so into my own world, that i take things for granted. this past week, i was overwhelmed with kindness that complete strangers and many good friends have shown me!

i thought i'd share a few unbelievable acts of kindness with you...

*i was in a huge hurry friday morning, on our way to homeschool co-op... jumped in the car and noticed i didn't have enough gas to make it there... rushing of course, i pulled into the gas station for some 87 and the pump didn't work... rushed inside... told the clerk and she mentioned it would take a few minutes... panic... i was already late! i grabbed a bottled water, tommie grabbed a package of doughnuts and we paid. when i walked out to pump the 87, another clerk was pumping my gas... "thought i'd help you out in your rush this morning!" she said! how nice was that? this complete stranger, went out and pumped my gas? did i thank her? of course. but even more, i blessed her with a good prayer.

*my dear friend rhonda, made me a birthday pumpkin scone cake! so nice to have after my birthday dinner! my husband didn't have to go out and buy me a sugary walmart cake!!

* my son made me a bracelet out of metal that was laying in the barn. very cool!

* our entire homeschool co-op, sang happy birthday to me! had to be about 100 people or more! either rhonda or lisa w., set this up!

* as i mentioned... my cousin robin offered to haul a rubbermaid tote of shabby chic items to sell in mid-michigan for me... no cost. no obligation. just a quick flip!

*she also made a business connection FOR ME with a lady from alabama... i am praying that the deal goes through and i can work from home for her! we're not talking big money... but something to keep my creative juices flowing.

* i was blessed with the sweetest birthday card from lisa w.'s daughter.... she out-of-the-blue made a keepsake card for me.

tell me about the blessings in your week. they're out there...we just need to be in tune with them! smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

my neice emily, that Lisa W? well she is a very thoughtful and kind girl... your birthday cake sounds fabulous!- I love pumpkin stuff too--Blessings to you- Janet M

MICHELE said...

Yep Janet... that'd be your niece the divine Miss Em! She has always been so good to me. Very kind heart!


jamie said...

Oh, it is so refreshing to read about all of your blessings! Sounds like such a lovely birthday!
I have had many blessings too, but I am most thankful for my sweet husband, who also made me a pumpkin cappuccino when I overslept this morning. Our coffee maker broke unexpectedly and he remembered that we have an espresso maker that we've hardly used. :-)

Lisa said...

I am so glad Emily blessed you with a card. She loves to make things for people! I can't take credit for the song - must have been Rhonda! LOL I hope your b-day was grand! I didn't realize our birthdays were so close together!