August 02, 2009

rocks and popcorn!

yesterday found the boys and i winding and weaving through the backroads of very fertile farm country... respectfully, the land that was once engulfed in a couple of wicked wildfires from years ago. the land today, although not pictured, is extremely beautiful and fertile. wheat harvesting and hay baling were in full swing, sugar beets were blanketing green acres, the amish were out and about and my boys were thrilled to pull over and watch the john deere combines and grain trucks!

our turn-around point is lake huron. we have a special spot where we hunt for sea glass and fossils. yesterday, i hit the jackpot... i found BLUE sea glass... which is pretty rare. and quite a bit of green! we also found tons of fossils... but the stones were only the size of nickles.

this fossil was not found in lake huron... but it was found last friday on our trip to lake michigan. my guess is, it's a fern or plant....what's your guess? leave a comment.

tommie and i could spend all day sifting through these beautiful gems... brad, not so much... but he still tried to have fun finding me sea glass.

we came home and watched the very stupid movie, "roxanne," with steve martin... whom i adore and laugh non-stop over. but this movie had to much sexual reference and swearing for us to enjoy with an 11 year old boy. we ejected the movie and will donate to goodwill or our garage sale.
our big bowl of popcorn, however... was delish!
smile, wink, nod.


Michele said...

What fun! We love looking for fossils, interesting rocks and sea glass. A couple of weeks ago we spent the day at Cape May doing just that. We also found Cape May diamonds! (white quartz)

Lisa said...

Thanks for that post! I haven't been to Lake Huron in a long while. Maybe I'll drive the kids over one day this week and see what they can find!

jamie said...

Oh, that's neat! It does look like a fern or some type of plant. I find the Amish fascinating. Sounds like it was a wonderful day!