August 29, 2009

organized workspace!

i've been meaning to share my little work space in the corner of my living room.... our house is very tiny.. which i just love! but, i do need to make good use of my space, purge the clutter and keep on top of things, on a daily basis. otherwise... it gets really, really "tight-feeling!"

i picked up this really, banged up dish-rack-dryer (above) at a garage sale for $4. originally, i thought i'd like to use it in my kitchen...but's it's too big for my tiny sink. so, i thought... why don't i use it for a file, book and magazine holder!? makes me feel really organized and quirky.

this is where i type, cut coupons, print off coupons and write my novel. if you're familiar with old paintings... these are just of few paintings by Fox. my favorite roseville vases are above on a shelf. safe and out of the way.

if i turn around... this is what i see over my left shoulder. my mother-in-law brought me two huge garden-cut bouquets from her garden today! the color definitely gives the room a little pop!
how about a nice freebie? click on: country bob's all purpose sauce! i've sent for this in the past... and the coupon really does come!! it's easy to sign up for and no surveys! smile, wink, nod.
happy saturday night.


Lisa said...

I love your house!

Harry Jude said...

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