August 05, 2009

on a whim....

on a whim yesterday, tommie and i pulled into a local carrot factory and packaging plant. we watched the workers pull in with dump boxes loaded with freshly picked carrots. the doors of the plant were wide open... so we took that to be an invitation to watch! the employees, were beyond welcoming. and went to get the owner and his wife for us! i don't recall EVER meeting two individuals who were so kind to us. they took us behind the scenes of the packing plant. explained everything imaginable to tommie (not me...because i was wandering around in awe! like bambi in headlights) wouldn't you know, my camera battery died at the start of this tour?? we watched them wash, sort, trim, weigh and pack. then the carrots were packaged into bags and put on pallets, moved to a cooling freezer and then another cooler room...ready to be shipped nationwide and to resturants... and to krogers! the tour ended with the owners ever-so-kind wife letting tommie package his own bag of carrots, seal them and giving him his very own bag! we ended with a peek at the carrot combine/harvester. i'm not sure what i am more impressed with... the kindness of this couple and their very nice employees or the packaging process?
we moved on to a huge onion farm and lettuce farm. but, the workers were all out in the fields... the factory wasn't running--due to picking. it was still exciting to see so many acres of onions and lettuce.
i just love free entertainment! next goal? the pickle factory tour.


Lisa said...

What a great idea! I would never think to do that!

Anonymous said...

ooh the pickle factory..I love sour pickles--Janet M