May 03, 2009

weekend at the ranch!

Friday late afternoon.. Tommie and I loaded our car and headed to a breathtaking Boy Scout Ranch for the weekend.... he camped with his patrol and troop... I camped with the other parents, umm, which happen to be all men. 10 in fact. After this weekend, I've decided that ALL men are just overgrown boys! The picture above is my tent! Note: Tasha Tudor went with me- the book on my nightstand! Oh, I have to tell you, I turned in around 9 pm last light... I doubled up on all my clothes...2 pair of sweats, 4 shirts, and snuggled under this big white down filled quilt, and with my flashlight propped up on my pillow... I slittered down and read Tasha! It was so relaxing and I slept great! Low of 39 degrees.

This sign was posted in the adult bathrooms...which by the way are heated! How nice is that? I had to laugh at the hydration sign... I've never seen anything like this posted...but, glad to know that I was well-hydrated!

A group of us went horseback riding! That's me on the Quarter Horse! This area is famous for "being horse country." The views, the trails, the rolling acres were outstanding. Perfectly manicured.

We went on a 6-mile hike, over hilly, rough terrain...with some of the boys who are training for a hike in New Mexico... the Spring woodsy wildflowers are in full bloom! I took lots of snaps and hope to self-educate myself about them this week.. with nature book in hand!

....and I didn't even see one single snake. smile, wink, nod.

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Lisa said...

Oh! Horseback riding. I soooo wanna go horseback riding!