May 12, 2009

foxglove, tacky furniture and me, an author?

My favorite flower of all time ever, are foxglove! I would be forever happy to have an entire field full of these beauties! But, I am equally happy to have received three of them from the boys, on Mother's Day. They bloom every other year, so I'm thinking next Mother's Day I will need more. I also received the nicest garden shovel, a shabby chic ,roughed up, white trellis and an oriole feeder. Yesterday we had a hummingbird, our first of the year! And, an oriole... who looked pretty scruffy... maybe she was loosing her feathers?
On Sunday, I started a fun project...something I've never done, but really wanted to... I found an unfinished 3-legged table at a garage sale for a dollar and thought I'd paint it. But wait! This isn't going to be just another table that blends into the woodwork... no, this is a real work of art. Hand-drawn, with out a pattern! My own ideas. Slightly tacky. Tacky but fun....

You can't beat the price of the acrylic paints at Joann Fabric's. Just .50 cents each. And, they work very well. Sponge brushes? .39 each.

You'll have to check back tomorrow, to see the finished treasure!


p.s. For the first time ever.... I'm attempting to write a children's novel. With my son's encouragement and my husband's wide-eyed-dang-that's-good- head shaking support, I sat down and the words flowed. I have no set deadline. I managed four pages, effortlessly. I am in love with each of my characters, I know this sounds weird, but true. And, the funny thing is... although my body is in the kitchen at my laptop, feverishly typing away... mentally, I am in a totally different world. It's surreal. I'm feeling much needed personal growth when researching, too. smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

Woo-hoo! Michele an author!!! You go, girl! Press forward!

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I love foxglove and would love to read anything written by you :).

Don and I,after much consideration and even more prayer, have decided to leave the church we have attended and start our own little home church, non-denom style. Don is a pastor, tried and true, but not ordained in the church of the Nazarene. We kept it that way on purpose.


Anonymous said...

good for you for writing and painting-- I love creativity!- Janet M