April 24, 2009

Pink Friday, how to coupon and a good freebie!

Yesterday, my mom stopped by to give me this prize... just look at this beautiful stack of wool pieces! Just 5 for a dollar! Some are even tye-dyed and marbleized! They are almost to beautiful to use! I plan to use them in my penny rugs or felt crafts. For now, they sit neatly folded, on a shelf in my kitchen...where I can enjoy the colors! Thanks mom!
A few posts back, I was asked how to "begin" couponing and finding good deals? The first thing I suggest is... (and I'm by far not an expert) buy a Sunday paper or ask friends/family to save their coupons for YOU, scout through the coupon section to see if there are items you will use- if so- then go back and buy several more copies.
For example: last weeks paper had ANGEL SOFT toilet paper 4 pack for .50 cents off. Krogers was running a sale for it for just a dollar. Our Krogers doubles... that means I got it for free. Actually, I purchased several papers last week and used 3 Angel Soft coupons and received 3- four packs for free. Plus of course, lots of other coupons in the papers. And, if you go to my sidebar- Hot Coupon World link, there is a big message board that keeps you updated on the deals! Click here for...Freebie of the day: Nivea Body Wash Sample from Walmart! Thankfully, I always receive the freebie's that Walmart sends out... so will you! The form is quick and easy. Happy Friday, smile, wink, nod.


MiCo said...

I'm beginning to get serious about couponing and your blog is so helpful. Thanks for sharing! And your pink fabric is lovely. Happy crafting!

Lynn said...

Hey, friend! Thank you for the coupon information. I want to do more. I do some and I really try to "time" my coupons with sales to get more bang. I feel I could be much more serious about it if I didn't work, but work takes up 24 precious hours of my week, so I find myself limited! :)


PS -- Love the wool. Wish I could come up there and see you and you could show me how to do the penny rugs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie! I'll have to remember to grab a paper or two on Sunday. Love the wool. It is beautiful.