April 26, 2009

dancing through the mud, spearmint and lime basil and other weekend highlights!

Okay, this picture is for Warrington... who left a comment in the last post! Even though I don't know who you are, I thought of you today and played in the muddy garden and squished my toes in the mud..like you suggested...
Below is the little treasure I found in the plowed up garden. It's a heavy piece a crock-type dish. Today I found a beautiful blue piece, too. I know it doesn't seem like much...but if you saw how deep it was buried and in the middle of a desolate field...you'd kind of get excited, too. I think.

I had a couple of wooden clementine boxes leftover from winter. I got this big idea to plant spearmint and lime basil in them. I'm really hoping the seeds sprout! We were blessed with 24 FREE raspberry plants last week... we're all very excited about that! They're already planted and showing promise of survival!

Other weekend highlights: church had a powerful message again this week, I made two loaves of chocolate zucchini bread, planted a healthy row of snap peas, found a couple of crayfish, went to yard sales, cleaned out the basement and organized the pantries, threw out two big garbage bags of junk, received a new pet painted turtle from Tommie's friend Riley, coupons in Sunday paper, not so good for me this week... Tommie and his patrol worked at their Boy Scout Troop Yard Sale... holding signs up and flagging people in, Brad found a new-used rotor-tiller at the salvage yard for a hundred dollars and is fixing it up and babying it like it's his new toy on Christmas morning... funny how things like that give him a spring in his step! smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

Warrington is someone you know IRL! :-) LOVE That pic of you in the field! How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

So what did you think of the mud/dirt between your toes? It's a awesome feeling. (But nearly everyone who knows me would doubt that I do it.)

And of course you know me!~ You've been after me to blog! And so I have!


Lynn said...

Michele, you are crazy! A lovely kind of crazy!! And I can't say anything because I'm in the garden barefooted too, but I don't have quite as much mud right now.

Oh, oh, and you know I love to dig stuff up too! :)