April 04, 2009

next phase!

tommie crossed over from cub scouts to boy scouts, last saturday! we're so happy for him. he is so proud.

my friend holly made this beautiful cake. it melted in your mouth!

see below? the parents (us), crossed over behind the boys. look how old the boy scouts are compared to tommie! as holly reminded me..."our boys will be hanging around boys with whiskers!

i told you i was proud. darn proud.

we're especially happy that most of the boys he's been with the past 5 years will be in his boy scout patrol. they're all really good kids. all good Christian boys from really good homes. several are homeschooled-- the others are parochial. and best of all... all of us parents have developed great friendships. we trust each other. we all know each others kid's personalities. and, we parents have a fun time when we're together. we look so forward to enjoying the next phase of our son's journey! we're just giddy!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you BoyScout!


Lisa said...

Congrats, Tommie! (And Mich and Brad!)

~Byn There said...

That is a memorable milestone, and wonderful that you and Brad have been so active in his achievments with the club. I am hoping they will send some information home next year because I think Benjamin might be interested in joining, either that or a 4H Swine Club--or both.....