February 12, 2009

Wink, Charlotte!

Yesterday, we took advantage of the abnormally-good weather here in Michigan..the last day before winter revisits us...we met up with a couple of homeschool families, for a 4 mile hike. It was 50-ish and misty rain. Lots of mud. Lots of mom-talk and laughter, recipes, and book-talk. Just plain good fun.

The boys burned off some of their boy energy... I think they ran most of the way! There were a bazillion giggles. Tommie is in the back, AJ is in the middle and Jacob is leading the way! The great thing about homeschooling is... there is no teacher telling you not to throw snow balls..there is no teacher telling you to stay on the trail and there is no bus waiting to pull you away from your fun. There is no push and shove to see hundreds of dead fish like in the pictures below...and there is no one ignoring the kids questions...and no one telling them to be silent... best of all there is no competition...no raising your hand and shaking it and moaning, me-me... like you're having an epileptic seizure, no humiliation for asking a weak question. Indeed, Charlotte Mason would smile, wink and nod...I'm sure of it.

In one marshy area, there were tons of fish...big, little, really little and huge! All dead. It was amazing. Some, still frozen in the ice chunks. Others waiting to be had in the food chain. Today, we'll dig a little deeper and see why this happens. There's something to be said about seeing it first hand and seeing it in a science text.

and, the beat goes on. lad-di-da-di-da!


Holly said...

I don't do fish... eek that was wild..

Lisa said...

What a lovely walk! I must admit I thought you were nuts to even try! LOL I don't do rain.

Wee Pip said...

Glad the walk went well! It was beautiful weather. I wanted to join you after the V-day party, but had oh-so-many errands to run. I stopped by your blog last night, but was so exhausted that I didn't comprehend anything I read, LOL, so I didn't comment:)

Lynn said...

I am happy you enjoyed your walk! I'm wondering why all the dead fish? Let us know what you find out.


PS -- The boys look like they're having fun. :)