February 07, 2009

thrift store, nature walk and obama

I couldn't help it. I just had to get out of the house today. Just a little bit of cabin fever happening here. My day started out fun! I met an old friend, Donna Y., for tea at our local Tim Horton's. We had a great time catching up! Giggling and talking about life. I headed north...to the .25 cent store, with my mom. I spent a dollar! Look what I found.... 2 wool cardigan sweaters...the buttons are even spectacular! A family movie: Second Hand Lions... this should be really good on a cold - wintry night. And, a restaurant vintage-type sugar shaker. Not pictured: 3 clear, see through plates to embellish... I'll either cover them with decoupage' and fabric or tissue paper and decoupage'.
The weather was just like spring here, today. After what seemed like weeks of below zero weather...it was incredibly awesome to have a day like today! The snow was melting rapidly. You could actually see green grass. And, it was easy to breathe. I pulled on my wellingtons and took a walk around the yard...

Look.... IT'S GRASS!

This is my garden!

Besides the sound of happy birds singing--which I couldn't identify and green grass...the only other nature find I found were these raccoon tracks... which by the looks of it...he serpentined all around the yard!
We had lasagna for dinner. And, I think the STIMULUS plan is insane. Would America not be further ahead, the economy stimulated, cash rolling around...if each American were allocated THE money, instead of 88 million going to Milwaukee schools? And, 150 million going to the honeybee farmers? WAVING MY ARMS...HEY OBAMA...WHAT ABOUT US?

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Wee Pip said...

Wasn't that weather awesome today! We all needed that breath of fresh air (without freezing our nostrils, LOL). We let our fire die, and thoroughly enjoyed our time outside today!