February 09, 2009


For today, February 9th!

Outside my window: It's pitch dark out. I can only see the reflection of the street light. I just let the dog out...and it feels like SPRING!

From the learning room: This week, it's all about Eli Whitney.

I'm thankful for: Oil of Olay Night Creme, a super-extra long phone cord for this laptop, libraries, my church and the good service, yesterday...and my entire family...

From the kitchen: It's all clean..since we just had dinner. Oh, and there's a fattening chicken casserole, waiting to be cooled down, so I can stick it in the refridgerator. And, a jar of instant coffee.

I am wearing: My favorite Levi jeans, black socks, black v-neck, black cardigan, fake diamond earrings, make-up almost wore off and ropers. Whoops, almost forgot, Arbonne's Black Orchid perfume.

I am reading: I'm still reading, Wolf By the Ears... and I find that while Thomas Jefferson was no saint, he was one hell of a nice guy!

I'm hoping: For much more kindness in the world and that the government allocates the stimulus money, to "we the people," instead of just select groups...

I am creating: Homemade Valentines, more mosaics, a pile of ironing!

I am hearing: Tommie and Brad giggling over America's Funniest Videos.

Around the house: Lego creations strewn everywhere on the floor and tables. Dog sleeping. Tommie doing his PSP, Thrillville- which I should blog about soon, Brad, tapping his foot to the background music on t.v.

One of my favorite things: Going to church on Sunday morning, inspiring blogs, this weather!!

My plans for the rest of the week: A rock solid week of home-educating, Tommie having a friend over Thursday, Cub Scout meeting, Valentine's Day...

Here's a picture thought I'm sharing: Me, yesterday...shooting a Crossman Air soft pistol. At a target. A bulls eye target, silly...what did you think?

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Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Your stance is going to get you killed lol.

It isn't just the weather. My "issues" go deeper than just snow on the ground. This is the kind of change that will stick around I hope :).

Ta love,