February 24, 2009

I found a big freezer bag full of cut up cabbage yesterday... cabbage that we grew in the garden last summer! That and a bagful of nickle sliced leeks! I found a really super easy crockpot cabbage soup recipe ... and decided it was time to enjoy the fresh gems!
My Aunt Janet taught me that in order to have GOOD CABBAGE SOUP, you need to saute' it in olive oil and get "rue" on the bottom of the pan. So, I did. My little, tiny kitchen smelled really fresh! Leeks, cabbage, carrots and celery!
Then I added a can of V8 juice, 2 chicken bullion's and a little bit of water. Plugged in the crockpot, turned it on low and viola'. One really cheap dinner! And, mega-healthy. Next time, as suggested by my friend Rhonda...I will be using spicy V8 juice.

We're having a couple birthdays in my immediate family...and instead of buying store bought cards...even if I DO BUY them at the dollar store...I thought it would be fun to make homemade...

I cut up this cake and skittle box... and just wrote it like a postcard! The post office charged me the regular price and informed me if I made them postcard size, they would be delivered at postcard rates.
The next soup I plan to make is this... CELERY SOUP! What's your favorite recipe for homemade soup? Please share!


Lisa said...

I like to make potato soup. I also have a good soup recipe for fresh tomatoes.

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I make a killer baked potato soup and beef stew :).

You can use a tootsie roll box for my birthday card with one of those little wool cell phone purses...I'm just saying *winky winky*...


Anonymous said...

My favorite soup hmm.... I think it's Minestrone. Loads of fresh squash, and beans. Yummy! Tasty and good for you too! Then, there is always bean or split pea soup. A nice loaf of beer bread and you are all set.


Lynn said...

You are amazing! I'm sure hoping to grow more in the garden this year.