January 07, 2009

It can happen in December!

The funny thing about blogging is, you can choose to only share the fun, happy, never-ever stressful...picture perfect and wonderful days of your life.
See, what I failed to mention, is that I spent New Year's Day at a big Urgent Care Center in the next county.
Tommie woke up with a very serious, red blotchy, itching and blistering rash- up and down his right forearm. This was the same horrific rash that developed around his brown recluse spider bite, on his ankle back in August! The Urgent Care doctor prescribed an antibiotic and topical ointment, chalked it up to be "just a skin rash," and sent us on our way.
We gave the treatment time to work, only to find it growing and spreading at a rapid pace--in spite of me playing doctor and nursing it!!! Monday night found me worrying (all night) -- playing the what if game? What if it's some sort of immune disorder, what did he eat?, what if it spreads to his face and eyes? What if? What if? What if? The old "what if game." Long story short. I took him to a local dermatologist yesterday...I seriously thought they would send him to ER.
Fast forward: it is nothing more then a severe case of poison ivy. I believe he got it playing in the woods at his grandparents house with his cousins...on the 60 degree December day we had. Obviously, he is very allergic. I found it funny that the doctor said, that "this" would probably be the only case of it he'd see this winter! It's a rare thing to see this time of year! But, if you knew my active little, out-doorsy boy...you'd completely understand how it happened! smile-wink-nod!
He's being treated with: a topical ointment, an antibiotic and Prednisone.
Poison Ivy is not contagious...it can't be spread person to person.


Wee Pip said...

Awww, poor Tommie:( And poor you! It's hard to see your child so uncomfortable, isn't it? Hope that clears up soon! I hate poison ivy!

Lisa said...

Yikes! That's not something one would expect, is it?