January 09, 2009


I did it! I splurged and bought a brand new digital camera-- one that will not take blurry-squint-your-eyes-to-see-the-pictures camera! I haven't had time to sit and fiddle with it..but, that's the plans for this weekend! Stay tuned... soon, I'll be sharing "real-life" snaps with you!
Oh, and another thing.... I'm working on... a separate homeschool blog! Just a place for me to write about our days...what's working-what's not working and how education does not need to be found inside a brick building with mass-produced textbooks. Things like learning idioms in the car and learning fractions from sorting wrenches! I'm hoping to post the link to it, sometime this weekend or early next week....
The past few weeks, a couple of my blogging pals have done a "Fill-in Friday" meme... which looks really fun. So, this morning I thought I'd give it a try, too!
1. It's January and I am enjoying the fresh start to the new year! I'm enjoying the long winter days and nights of watching good movies, books and board games and home cooked meals!
2. a second cup of coffee is what I crave right now!
3. Cork and wine go together like a toothpaste tube and toothpaste cap
4. My church is so nourishing!
5. Let us dare to choose kindness, instead of choosing to be right.
6. I love my home.
7. And, as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to, relaxing after a full day at homeschool co-op and cleaning duty, tomorrow, my plans include heading up to the thrift store again- the one where everything is mostly a quarter...it's open-for sure tomorrow, having my in-laws over for my mother-in-laws birthday...I'll be making tilipia, rice, vegetable and salad...and Thomas Edison's birthday cake recipe...(since, we just did a short unit on him!), and Sunday I want to, head to church and organize the house and lessons for the up coming week!
update: I made the PEASANT BREAD, which I posted about... I doubled the recipe and it made 5 loaves of bread and one pizza crust. I baked them in pie plates and let Tommie throw different toppings on them! Then I flipped them in half and let him add the same toppings, on top... if you've never made bread...(I don't, because I'm not into kneading!!) This bread is soooo darn simple, requires no kneading and is very 'ingredient friendly!" We all simply loved this bread! A little too much! Click here to get the recipe....I'm telling ya...it's a good one!
For toppings, we used: cinnamon-sugar, onion-garlic-poppyseed and parsley, and just parmesean.
Well, time for me to get around for my day- make myself look like a human, pack lunches and jump on the treadmill...before heading to our homeschool co-op!
Have a fun Friday!


Lynn said...

How are you, friend? I will be so excited to see your new blog! That's good, because you are full of excellent homeschooling ideas and you need to get them OUT THERE!

So sorry to hear about the poison ivy. I was very allergic to it when I was young. Probably still am, but I stay away from it.

Also, yaaaay on the digital camera! I love my digital camera and would be lost if it died.


PS - I love the picture of Tommie in his goggles. He's so cute!

Lisa said...

Glad you found a camera! Where did you end up getting one? I can't WAIT to see your new homeschool blog. I think the Friday Fill-ins are fun. They make me think! It was nice chatting with you at co-op today!

Holly said...

Wow a new camera and a new blog you go girl!!! lol! I hope Tommie is doing better and that was a very nice plug for Rhonda! I hope you have fun at the Share Shop!

Wee Pip said...

Congrats on your camera! I look forward to seeing great pics on your blog. I also look forward to your homeschool blog. The peasant bread recipe does look easy! I'd like to try it. Have a great weekend!