November 23, 2008


Oh my! What a FANtabULOus yesterday!
Our homeschool group (banging on my drums for Debbie & Jane and their husbands) hosted a "Road Rally Scavenger Hunt Using a Digital Camera & Bible Event!"
With my long johns on, a full tank of 87, Bible and an adventurous attitude, Tommie and I headed over to the event... stopping along the way to pick up a fellow homeschooler and friend, Hunter.
We arrived, received our instructions, chatted with the other families and headed out! We were given a list of like 14 Bible scriptures- plus a coordinating clue! Then, we had to figure out the word- taken from both clues.. once the object/word was decided...we set off to take the "most creative snap shot of the object!" Here are a few examples: Pilate/Pilot, so we headed to the airport..the boys in my car had the opportunity to literally go on the field, stand on top of the airplane with the pilot and I snapped their picture! Another example was to take a snap of carcasses... we went to a deer processing plant and snapped a pile of dead deer..I know..slightly gross, but the boys in my car loved it! Other shots included: the courthouse, the moon made out of a piece of bread, a bird, all of us sleeping in a flowerbed, my dear friend Brandi, who held up a sign stating "By the grace of God, I survived," she is a cancer survivor!, we drove around trying to find a donkey... but ended up with a snap of a manger... we also tried to get into the State Police to see if they would lock the boys in a jail cell, (the State Police did this for our scout den), so I could get a snap...but our small town State Police Post was closed on early Saturday night... rolling my eyes. Other clues led us into the cemetery, trying to find a fish and a coin (we succeeded) and 10 lamps. Or is it 12?
Our final destination, was heading back to Debbies beautiful church...where pizza, pop and fellowship occurred, while the judges had the difficult task of deciding who won!? Our group did not. We came in fourth place...out of five. But, in my heart...everybody won! Each group had such unique pictures...and put forth sooooooo much effort! Debbie organized a slide show of every one's pictures...and we all laughed and ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd over them!
The winner's received McDonald's coupons and the rest of us received a jumbo chocolate bar. Equally, nice prizes!
I was completely exhausted from all the hoopla of the afternoon. Needless to say it was a good way to feel! smile-wink-nod!


Lisa said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! We bowed out partly due to our car issues. Maybe someday....

MICHELE said...

I know Lisa...I missed seeing you and the kids! For sure, next time!


Wee Pip said...

That sounds so fun! I love our homeschool group:) I like your new blog - its so stylish!