November 24, 2008


I'm copying Lisa and Penny tonight, because each Monday- without fail, on their blogs (see my sidebar: Penny/Diosa Domestica and Lisa/Cornerstorne) it looks like they have fun filling out The Simple Woman's Daybook and I've enjoyed getting to know them both better because of it. So now, it's my turn.... I hope you enjoy it, too!

For November 24, 2008

Outside my window: a big, bright security light!

From my learning room: Ummm, I don't have a learning room ...BUT, I do see a stack of books on every table, papers and more books stuck here and there, some on the couch and some even next to the kitchen sink!

I am thankful for: a forgiving God and my family.

From the kitchen: Tommie using the blender...making orange juice slushies...vavavavroooom!

I am wearing: Old Levi's, black wool socks, black cardigan and black v-neck shirt underneath, make-up just about off from the day and silver earrings.

I am reading: I am trying to get into The Fifth Queen, but I am just not really all that smart or cultured. I started reading, "Sylvia's Farm," but all she talks about is "putting" down her sheep...and how most of them look into her eyes and just "ask" her to... ugh, my heart breaks and I need something a little more upbeat. Suggestions?????

I am hoping: to get a good night's sleep tonight!

I am creating: a grocery list, a mess in my bedroom closet and lessons for the rest of the week (which is just two days!)

I am hearing: Brad yelling at Tommie..."Can ya just move?" Tommie in a whiney voice: Noooo!

Around the house: Thanksgiving decorations, remote control cars, a polar fleece sweatshirt that needs mended, a vintage scrabble game that I need to blog about.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Color my hair (oh what? you thought I was a natural?), groceries, Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas this weekend.

Here's a picture thought I'm sharing:

I love my cowboy boots! They go with everything: jeans, skirts, dress pants...
I even wear them to church.
small, wink, nod.

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Lisa said...

You know I found the Daybook from you, right, Michele?!

I don't have a learning room either, but my house is a learning house, thus - The Learning Rooms. But that's the simple woman's moniker for it; I can't take credit.

Maybe if you go over to my Mirkwood blog and read through some of my monthly entries for books, you might find something good. I always post a little synopsis. What do you like to read?