November 20, 2008


Instead of listening to the news media tell me how 4,000 Americans were laid off yesterday and how the CEO's of the Big 3 flew into D.C. for the big bailout meeting on their $20,000. a flight, hoity-toity jet and, yes they have superb catered food on those flights! I decided to make the best of my afternoon by baking and freezing chocolate-chip zucchini bread. During the summer, I had shredded and froze, so many bags of the overbearing was now time to start using it!

I wrapped it in Glad Saran Wrap (because Glad brand is safe) and then foil and marked it. Now, when I don't feel like baking (which isn't too often), I'll just pull out this family favorite! I love sharing it with my handi-capped neighbor, too! If the economy is affecting you and your family... we need to share positive things that add sparkle to our day. Please tell me about all the good things in your life! Leave a happy comment! smile-wink-nod!


Michelle said...

In this tough economic time we're so thankful for faith, family and friends. Where would we be without them??? Also was wondering what you mean by Glad being safe? I didn't know there were brands that are not. And one last thing- I only recently found your blog and I truly enjoy it! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle...I'm glad you found my blog!

About Glad products being safe... I understand they are the only plastic "convience products," that are safe to use... perhaps Ziplock has caught on to using safe plastics...especially their bags and saran wrap...but I'm not so I continue to use Glad...which are made from non-toxic material.

Happy Friday,